Born on 25 September 1995 in Coimbra, Portugal, Laura Corga started travelling the world at an early age and was exposed to diverse cultures and international fashion, which led to her fascination for Haute Couture. And thus, she began her journey by strongly investing in general Fashion studies, but more particularly in the Art of Couture. She speaks fluent English, French, Italian and German, in addition to her native language. She lived in Paris, the emblematic city in which she found the
inspiration she needed to launch her own Haute Couture project, Laura Corga Atelier.

From Lisbon to the World, the Laura Corga Atelier Label is the designer’s own dream, but one that is passionately shared by the entire multidisciplinary team that has accompanied her since day one.

The creations are defined by Laura Corga herself as “classic and timeless, based on Haute Couture classics but giving them a fresh and appealing look”. In other words, the Laura Corga Atelier Label blends classic with contemporary and the future in a timeless design, combining elegance, sophistication and simplicity, focusing on detail and the excellence of its creations.